New industry standards for thermal insulation and ease of operation

Schuco ASS 60 and ASS 80.HI sliding system platform

With outstanding thermal insulation properties which already fulfil the domestic and international thermal insulation requirements of the future today, the new Schuco ASS 60 and ASS 80.HI sliding system platform is setting new industry standards. The exclusive ease of operation of the sliding doors series is also unrivalled. The innovative Schuco SmartStop and Schuco SmartClose technologies guarantee high-precision, safe braking and closing of the sliding vents. Both series offer clean lines with very narrow face widths in the interlocking section. Fabricators benefit from efficient fabrication due to the use of a high number of identical parts. The new sliding door systems will be presented for the first time as prototypes at BAU 2015.

The Schuco ASS 80.HI sliding system offers unrivalled

Uw values from 1.0 W/(m²K). With the newly developed Schuco ASS 60 sliding system series, the thermal insulation requirements of the basic depth of 60 mm will also be covered in future a perfect complement to the sliding door portfolio with the tried-and-tested Schuco ASS 50 and Schuco ASS 70.HI systems.

Together with the narrow interlocking section, the outer frame for both series, which can be optionally integrated into the building structure, makes for a clearly structured sliding door design with slender face widths ideally suited for use in architecturally sophisticated projects. The clear view of the outside through the generously dimensioned glass walls is not obscured by invasive profile face widths.

Extremely easy operation even for the heaviest of moving vents

As an optional feature, the innovative Schuco SmartStop and Schuco SmartClose technology offers the user a new level of quality in terms of operability and safety. Schuco SmartStop guarantees effective braking of the moving vent before it reaches the vertical part of the outer frame through the tailored combination of spring technology and damping elements. With Schuco SmartClose, the moving vent gently closes in on its end position in the outer frame. Together with the possible use of a ground-level flat threshold, this provides an unprecedented level of easy-access user comfort.

The benefits of the new sliding door platform for the fabricator are that the use of a high number of identical parts saves time and costs in inventory holding, fabrication and installation and guarantees reliable product quality. In addition, new connecting technologies make fabrication more flexible and efficient.

Schuco System solutions for windows, doors and fa§ades

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