A Great Solution to Steel Window and Door Thermal Projects

Created specifically for conservation areas and historical steel window replacements, Arte is an excellent solution for both luxury residential or historical projects. Combining the strength and elegance of steel with traditional profiles, Arte is the long awaited solution to the issues that have been associated with conventional steel window offerings. Arte utilizes a Glass Reinforced Polyethermide (GRP) component, a completely new technology combining strength with advanced thermal performance. Offering only insulated glass without addressing the thermal transfer of the frame is not a solution.

Features and benefits of Arte:

  • True thermally broken frames and sash
  • Narrow sight lines
  • Energy efficient performance
  • Elimination of interior condensation and frost
  • Deeper glazing pockets allow for thicker glazing combinations & improved U values
  • State of the art architectural coatings in powder coat or wet spray applications.
  • In-swing and out-swing designs
  • Swiss design – tested and rated in Europe

Renovation Projects

Compared with newbuilds, renovation projects are becoming increasingly important. The conversion of industrial buildings and conservation of historical buildings in particular prove to be the engines of economic growth in the construction and real estate industries. More than half of all non-residential renovation projects involve buildings from the 1950s and 1960s. A great deal of instinct is required to retain the specific character on the one hand, and to bring the building envelope up to current standards on the other. Steel plays a central role in this owing to its specific strengths in terms of material properties and design options.



New from leading steel specialist Schueco Jansen is Janisol Arte, a highly insulated steel window system designed specifically for the renovation market. By specifying Janisol Arte, an architect can satisfy the concerns of local authority planners and building conservation officers while still ensuring that the refurbished building meets the strict energy-saving requirements of Part L of the Building.


A Janisol Arte window has a narrow face-width of just 25 or 40 mm, giving it an appearance that is characteristic of the slender Bauhaus-type glazing to be found in many factories and industrial buildings. Therefore, in the majority of cases, the system will be acceptable as a replacement window even if a building has been given listed status.

Importantly, Janisol Arte combines structural elegance with impressive ‘U’ values of 1.6 W/m2K using standard Low ‘E’ double glazed units. These values are the result of advanced technology which successfully combines high-grade steel with a unique thermal break material. In terms of energy efficiency, a Janisol steel window is currently the best in its class and a coveted ‘A’ WER is expected shortly.

The Janisol Arte window system is available in the conventional opening types commonly encountered in the majority of both pre- and post-war industrial buildings. These include side-hung and bottom-hung inward-opening vents and side and top-hung outward-opening vents. All opening vents are hung on butt hinges, while top-hung vents can optionally be fitted with friction hinges.


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